MBWA is one of the top most schools in Kolkata. We care for more than 3000 students from various classes. Besides studies we also encourage our students to take up various games and sports, extra curricular activities and community service projects. Job shadowing is also part of our plan for Senior students.


Our education services have been ranked among the top 10 all over West Bengal by several recognised organisations like Education World. We provide courses in Financial Literacy, Legal Studies, Theatre Studies, Fashion Studies, Web Technology, Economics and Computer Science apart from regular academic subjects. We also have German, French and Mandarin as Third Language and Club options.


Our school is globally recognized and out students have been placed in best colleges across India. Our Alumni have distinguished themselves by holding positions of eminence in professional circles. Most of our students score more than 80% in the Boards and there have been no failures over the last 50 years.



Junior Section

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Middle Section

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Senior Section

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Curricular Activities

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

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Yoga Class

MBWA, Kolkata, India

Music Class

MBWA, Kolkata, India

Science Lab

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Martial Art

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MBWA, Kolkata, India

Fashion Designing

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Art n Craft

MBWA, Kolkata, India

Why Choose MBWA

Founded by Industrialist G. D. Birla

Mahadevi Birla World Academy was established in 1959 by illustrious industrialist G D Birla in the name of his wife, Mahadevi Birla. He firmly believed that a nation could progress only when industrial and educational development complemented each other.

Best Co-Educational Institution in the City

Mahadevi Birla World Academy imparts contemporary education for girls and boys. It encourages them to accept modern ideas while respecting universal traditional values. It prepares them to meet the challenges of the changing world and shapes them into confident and conscientious citizens.

More than mere academic mastery

It is also the imbibing of universal traditional values and one's own culture and spirituality. True education strives to empower the individual to seek the best course of thought and action. It is thus imperative to realise innate talent and nurture it to its full potential. The light of education conquers darkness in the mind. The school believes that the fervent lamp of knowledge nurtures young minds into myriad lights to shine in the world. Our mission is to impart quality education that goes beyond academics and extra-curricular activities to meet this objective.

School Facilities

The school has four Academic Blocks that facilitate a scientifically planned education programme which enables students to perform to the best of their abilities.

The Global Dimension

The school aims to provide multi-dimensional education by striking a balance between curricular and co-curricular activities for the all round development of the individual. Rather than being solely academically oriented MBWA not only focuses on instilling a sense of confidence and discipline but also helps each student to develop a distinctive personality. International Exchanges with Schools abroad are being planned and the School has been recognised for outstanding development of International learning in the curriculum by the British Council through the International School Award Programme 2014 - 2017.

School Bus Facility

An able fleet of school buses drops and fetches students to and from different parts of the city. All buses are equipped with close circuit cameras for active surveillance and better security.

Professional Development of Faculty

The school possesses an efficient faculty of teachers and assisting staff. Regular training sessions and workshops by CBSE accredited resource persons are organised to improve their skills in the latest pedagogies.

Word of Mouth

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B. K. Birla

The school aspires to instill a quest for knowledge and formation of insight amongst students. We believe the years to come will be a continuation of these integrated endeavors.

Mrs. Anjana Saha (Principal)

We feel, we will give our students immense power to explore the vastness of space, we would also like to work towards nurturing their senses to be able to heed to the gentle stirrings of nature and to listen to their hearts even as their minds are full of the fruits of knowledge